Person of Interest - Shaw MPOV

A Mod's Note

Between my real life responsibilities and the other communities I mod and maintain, I am not doing my best work with this community.

I've talked with julie_izumi, the creator of this comm, and we decided that it would be best to put the comm on a hiatus after Round 16's winners have been posted.

If anyone else wants to step up and try modding or even co-modding this community, that would be awesome. I really hate to see a community die. The most important thing to keep a 20in20 running is participation, and an actually present mod who keeps motivating and pimping out the comm to new members.

Comments are screened for this post if anyone has anything to say or ask, or if anyone wants to offer their services to keep things going. You can also PM me or Julie.

Until then, things will stay on a break here until there is someone who can give it all the attention it needs, whether thats me or Julie or someone new.

- Nikki