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20in20 icons challenge community. Subject: anything about vampires!

The idea of a 20in20 community is to create 20 icons in 20 days about a specific subject. Here the subject is anything about vampires!

Every month, participants will be able to claim a movie, book adaptation, tv show, comics, painter, an episode (for example Supernatural episode 'Bloodlust' (2x03) would be ok, but only those with vampires), a character (it can only be a vampire character, for example, it cannot be Elena in 'The Vampire Diaries' or Sookie in 'True Blood' but Damon or Eric are ok), a ship (2 vampires or 1 vampire + 1 human or any other species), well everything you think fit and has enough material to make 20 icons! :)


1| To participate you must join the community and be signed up in a round.
2| Icon entries must be new and fit lj standards (100x100 pixels in either jpg, gif, or png format and must be under 40 kb, animations are allowed)
3| No pornography, graphic violence, gore or anything racist or insulting.
4| Icons should be posted public at least until voting is closed.
5| The challenges will run from the 1st to the 20th of each month.
6| Try and leave feedback for every entries, everyone loves feedbacks! ;)
7| Entries should be submitted from the 1st and 20th. Then voting will be posted.
8| When submitting your entry, post 3 teaser icons (maximum) and put the rest behind a cut/fake-cut.
9| Subject for posting must be: Round #: Your claim
10| And finally enjoy yourself and have fun is the most important thing! :)

The 20 icons will be divided into 3 types :
1. 10 themes that will change with each round.
2. 5 icons of a single category, a theme that will also change with each round.
3. 5 artist's choice icons, so completely free and up to you, related to your claim.

> RESOURCES POST (where to find screencaps)

☆ ETC... ☆

AFFILIATES All the current affiliates are HERE. (If you want to be an affiliate, comment there.)
MODERATORS/BANNER MAKERS Help is always needed and welcomed! If you want to be a co-moderator, helping me to find themes and/or to put votes on, feel free to comment HERE. You can also help by making banners for the winners, if you want, comment HERE.

profile code | layout code | mood theme | 20in20 inspired by: celeb20in20

If you want to promote the community on your lj or own comm, here are some banners:

made by sarah_jones